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Video: Saif Ali Khan interviewed on fitness and diet plans

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Full video: Saif Ali khan | Quick Heal Pinch by Arbaaz Khan | QuPlayTV

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Video: Saif Ali Khan I Teaser I Quick Heal Pinch by Arbaaz Khan

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Magazine Scans: Saif Ali Khan on HT Brunch #BrunchwithSaif

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‘Saif Ali Khan and I bond over travel’ : Kunal Kemmu

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Last year, Saif made his web debut with Sacred Games. Now that you have ventured into the digital arena, do your conversations with him revolve a lot around work?

We rarely talk about work. We get along really well. He is so well-read and has diverse and vivid interests. It’s a learning experience to sit and talk with him about painting, cavalry charges, watches, travel or fitness. Both of us love to travel and we have visited a lot of places together.

Saif Ali Khan: I don’t want to be stuck with an image

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Saif Ali Khan on the creative renaissance in Hindi cinema which encourages him to push the envelope

Your sartorial choices are as eclectic as your films. In this age of Insta-perfection, it’s nice to see a movie star who dresses down.

I’ve been working on two films, Tanhaji and Hunter, which are all about get-ups, beards and headgears. I’m so focussed on getting the look right on screen that I don’t concern myself on how I look off it. I’m not a fashion meter, nor do I want to be one. It’s okay to dress down, even repeat a certain outfit. I can dress up when there’s a need for it, but to walk to the gym opposite my home, I’m not going to worry about whether I’m looking good. The idea about working out is to look good physically, right? Look at Rajinikanth, he’s the biggest superstar but doesn’t feel the need to wear a wig in public. Unfortunately, I live with the biggest internet star, Taimur Ali Khan, so the paparazzi is always parked outside and I get clicked often. If you ask my two-year-old son where the media is, he will point out of the window.

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Saif Ali Khan talks about travelling in Condé Nast Magazine

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You just went on a holiday to the Maldives along with [Saif’s sister] Soha and her family. What was that like?
Kareena Kapoor Khan: Actually we’ve been to the Maldives many times, but this was our son, Taimur’s first visit, which was special. Plus the Soneva Fushi is a very different kind of resort—rustic, more about the environment. It’s lush and green—the texture of the entire place is very different to places we’ve stayed at before, so that was lovely.

Family holidays can be quite stressful, right?
Saif Ali Khan: There’s always a slight disconnect between the ideal picture one has of a family holiday and the reality of it. But that’s all right, we keep trying! In this social media age, people just post pictures on Instagram of the happy times, so everyone just sees these amazing dinners and these great laughs. But there are arguments, and that’s also part of it. There’s no way, or even need, to avoid it. There is no fix for it—it’s called family.

So do you have any tips on how to make it work?
Saif Ali Khan: One way, of course, is to go snorkelling and not speak to each other for a while! But on a serious note, it depends on how many days you have and what people like to do. It’s important that everyone likes the location. We took my mother to the Maldives once, but she hates the beach and the sun and humidity. We still had fun, but she likes cold places. So don’t surprise someone and take them to a place they won’t want to be.

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