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Saif has a very approachable kind of stardom: Raja Krishna Menon

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With Chef all set to release next month, filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon moves from a war torn Kuwait, which he brought to us in Airlift, to the green pastures of Kerala. It’s not just the location, with his new film, Menon also moves from khiladi Akshay Kumar to nawab Saif Ali Khan. So how has the transition been? Here’s my conversation with the filmmaker:

Q. After the success of Airlift I thought you would choose to make an original script, but surprisingly you chose to direct the remake of a Hollywood film, why?

Raja Krishna Menon: Well, that was sort of a conundrum, I have always written original scripts and then made them. When Vikram approached me for the film, we were shooting for Airlift in Jodhpur, and he said – hey what do you think of this film Chef? And I loved the film when I saw it, it has all the elements that are important to me I guess, it has food, there is travel and then there is the father and son relationship, so I told him it’s a fantastic film and if it’s in the right hands, it will make a great film to be made in India.

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Magazine Scan: Fashion Fundas from Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan opens up about nepotism, freedom of speech and his journey in the film industry

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Saif Ali Khan has been quite in the news lately since he received a lot of backlash for mocking Kangna Ranaut and her nepotism remarks at the 18th edition of IIFA. Since then, the actor has gone on record stating he has personally apologized to Kangna Ranaut. Saif Ali Khan even blasted everyone in an open letter where he explained nepotism, paparazzi following celeb kids and more.

Now, in a recent interview called Adda Express, Saif Ali Khan did talk about how anyone can come in the industry and become a star. Speaking about the industry and how it can’t be controlled, Saif Ali Khan said, “The greatest thing about this industry is that it’s so democratic. You can’t control it. The only thing that works is the things that the people like. It’s not actually like nepotism or anything like that can control it or you could be anybody’s son and it doesn’t matter. You could walk off the street and could become a king in this profession. That’s the most beautiful thing about this industry that it can’t be controlled beyond a point. And it brings everybody together.”

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Full video of Saif Ali Khan at Express Adda

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Saif Ali Khan: “Don’t Call me a Nawab, I Would Rather be Known By My Name”

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You know him as an actor, a husband and a father. But what was his own relationship with his great dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi? Saif Ali Khan reveals some intimate details

Saif Ali Khan is at an interesting crossroad in his life. As an actor, he is going from strength to strength, bringing variety and versatility to his repertoire. Forget the box office performance of Rangoon, it can’t be denied that the Vishal Bhardwaj film saw him at his complex best on screen. At the same time, he is balancing serious with the light and frothy fare like the forthcoming Race 3 and Chef. On the personal side, it’s his children who are in the limelight now – be it baby Taimur whose every move is documented or his daughter Sara Ali Khan who will be making her Bollywood debut soon and is already a social media sensation. His relationship with his children is somehow influenced by another big bond in his life – the one that he shared with his late dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. While the media is still obsessed with his marriage to Kareena Kapoor and his new fatherhood status, we get the Nawab to talk about his own father and how he was impacted by him. And by the way, Saif doesn’t like to be called Nawab – find out why.

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Sharmila Tagore feels pairing her with Saif Ali Khan or Soha in a movie may seem gimmicky

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We haven’t been offered a film together, says the veteran actress…

Sharmila Tagore likes her privacy. The actress, who spends most of her time in Delhi and her ancestral home in Pataudi, is happy to spend her time with her friends and family in the real world rather than virtual. Here, the actress talks about her lack of technical knowledge, working with Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan and the kind of roles she would like to do…

Why don’t we see you in films anymore?

It’s not that I don’t like working in films. I do, and to act in a film, right from start camera to cut is beautiful. The kind of films Ratna Pathak Shah is doing are really nice. I thought she was brilliant in Kapoor & Sons, so there is some kind of recognition for elderly roles today. But the truth is, I have got lots of interesting stuff also going on and I keep myself engaged in that. It doesn’t mean that if I don’t work in films, I have nothing to offer. I am happy and contented so only if there’s a very good role, will I take it up. I have done it all and have a lot of experience, so I am not that interested to be involved. There’s a whole world out there to experience besides films.

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I wasn’t there so much for Saif Ali Khan as I was for Soha and Saba: Sharmila Tagore

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Sharmila Tagore is candid and forthright while expressing her thoughts. The actress does very few films now and is happy to spend her time surrounded by family and friends. She shuttles between Delhi and her ancestral home in Pataudi. While son Saif recently became dad for the third time, her daughter Soha is now expecting her first baby. Here the actress talks about being a nani for the first time and the advice she has for her beti.

You became a daadi last year and will become a nani this year. How is it going to be different?

I don’t think there’s any difference as such in the family, but yes, it is a bit, as it’s my daughter now, who is giving birth. Kareena’s mum was more anxious when she was expecting as I am today when Soha is. It’s the mother-daughter bond. I think it’s quite a big decision for women to have children. In our time, I don’t think we thought so much about it. We just went and had them and of course, life is not fun-filled and not complete if you don’t have them. It’s a wonderful thing when you think about it. I felt so much closer to my mother after I had babies. It bonds a mother and daughter more.

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