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A short video of Saif Ali Khan in London

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A recent photo of Saif Ali Khan

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Taimur Ali Khan playing with his father Saif Ali khan in London

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A cute photo of Saif Ali Khan with Taimur

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A new photo of Saif Ali Khan with son Taimur

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Saif Ali Khan: No reservation about playing the role of a bad person and what Taimur will think about me when he will watch me on screen

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Most of the artists in the industry are the ones who choose a script on the basis of its merits. Many times they have the challenge of playing the role of a drug addict or a violent human being and they worry about what their children would think about them when they would see them on the screen. Those who are married and the father of children often face such a situation.

They are under moral pressure to reject such roles for the sake of their family and children. Saif Ali Khan, father of three children, answers this.

According to him, ‘I think human beings have a basic understanding of what is reel and what is real? So we do not need to worry that such roles would create a wrong impression about us. I am not worried that Taimur will grow up and react on seeing me as a villain or a bad person on the screen. The fact is that an actor’s personal life is different from reel life. His family members know what type of person he is. There were many actors in the industry, who played the role of a drunken, tyrannical man on the screen, but in real life they were very good, kind-hearted and humble persons. Their children and family members respected them a lot.”

Saif Ali Khan: Behind actors’ outwardly glamorous lives, there is a long list of missed birthdays and anniversaries

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Bollywood’s chotte nawab Saif Ali Khan was in the news recently, after the pictures of him holidaying in Tuscany with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and son Taimur, went viral. The actor, who has now made his television debut as a narrator on the show ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’, tells BT that spending time with family is a luxury for actors.

He says, “When I come home after work and find Taimur sleeping, I feel bad. We shoot long hours, but if I haven’t packed up even after 8 pm, I feel uncomfortable because it means taking away time from my son. In my growing-up years, my parents taught me about the importance of respecting family space. My father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) was a cricketer and mother (Sharmila Tagore) is an actress, and they both had hectic schedules. However, we learnt that it is important to talk about other things, too, at home and that’s how life becomes beautiful.”

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