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Saif Ali Khan on NDTV Spotlight

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Saif Ali Khan and team of Kaalakaandi play Never Have I Ever

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In Defence of Saif Ali Khan: Smart Choices, Great Acting Keep Him Relevant

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In an industry where you are as good as your last release, it is not surprising that obituaries are already pouring in for Saif Ali Khan’s supposed ‘sinking career’ post the box-office failure of Kaalakaandi – his eighth flop in a row. But that’s not a first for Saif.

Remember the barrage of bad films – Aashiq Awara, Imtihaan, Bambai Ka Babu, Aao Pyaar Karen – he acted in the 1990s, with critics and audiences pulling the noose on him almost unanimously?

Saif’s 25-year career has had ups and down – he has a history of being written off and bouncing back resiliently. If Main Khiladi Tu Anari salvaged him in the 90s, his boisterous energy in Dil Chahta Hai made us gush over him in the 2000s. Omkara established him as a performer par excellence, placing him in the breed of serious actors.

It is remarkable that he has managed to retain his sanity amidst a flurry of sly remarks and unsolicited advice after Kaalakaandi failed to set the box office ringing. But are we jumping the gun in drawing curtains over the Chhote Nawab’s film career? Going by his unusual cine-curve, we sure are.

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Why is Saif Ali Khan un-‘Saif’ today?

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When was Saif Ali Khan’s last solo success? Almost six years ago with home production Cocktail, a youth-oriented niche product that made a slim profit. Saif co-produced in 2012. When was the 10th Nawab of Pataudi’s last hit? Five years ago, ladies and gentlemen, in Race 2!

Yes, in 2013, he also co-produced and acted in the “zombie comedy” Go Goa Gone, which has now become a cult movie. In those days, the not-inexpensive film just broke even along with its worldwide earnings. In any case, its urban and urbane sophistication and even the humour clearly indicated a multiplex movie that was superlative. Like (very rare) offbeat movies, it deserved to be made on a judicious budget just for what it is. But every offbeat day is not Sunday!

The scenario since has been terrible. Saif has always balanced his assignments between solo leads and ensemble films, between commercial and midstream movies, but since then, it has been an alarming trajectory of flops or usually disasters (the degree of failure being much more).

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Saif Ali Khan on producing a film for Sara Ali Khan: These things are best left for people like Karan Johar

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Actor Saif Ali Khan says he would love to produce a film for daughter Sara Ali Khan, but would want everything to be “too perfect” and does not think he will be able to do the job properly.

Actor Saif Ali Khan is “ super proud” and “super excited” about his daughter Sara Ali Khan’s debut in the upcoming film Kedarnath. The actor, however, says that he would have loved to launch his daughter through his production house, but feels his emotions as a father would have stopped him from giving his daughter the perfect launch pad.

“The other day she asked me, ‘why don’t you make a movie under Illuminati films (his production house)’? I would have loved to launch her, and I would have been extremely proud to do that. But I think I would want everything to be perfect, and would have accepted nothing less. That would have been such a big responsibility that I would have stopped working,” he says. “Plus I am not really a producer and it’s not my main area of expertise, so these things are best left for people like Karan Johar, I believe,” he adds.

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Akshat Verma: Saif Ali Khan speaks English the way Indians do

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Screenwriter Akshat Verma, who made his directorial debut with the recently released Kaalakaandi, reveals that while scripting the film, the first actor he thought of casting was actor Saif Ali Khan, thanks to his “certain presence and urbanity”.

“Saif’s name popped in my head pretty early. He is an urban actor, who completely fitted the role. His comic timing is good. Moreover, I wanted the actor to speak authentic English. Saif doesn’t speak Shakespearean English, and he doesn’t have an accent, too. He speaks the way we Indians do, which is fascinating. We mix it up, chew it up and twist it to sound in a certain way, which has its own charm,” says Akshat.

Praising Saif and other actors of the film – Akshay Oberoi, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaz and Sobhita Dhulipala – Akshat says, “It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. He is incredible. In fact, all my actors have done a fabulous job. And, once I got to the shoots, I don’t want them to just follow my directions; I wanted them to take a step ahead. And they did bring a lot more to the table. And as for Saif, he went above and beyond. He just made the character and the world around it his own.” Talking more about the title of the film that generated quite a buzz and interest among fans, Akshat says that he was keen and anticipated such a reaction.

“It’s a Marathi word. Kaala means black and Kaandi is a match stick that’s been burnt. In fact, the word Kaandi has multiple connotations. The word, Kaalakaandi has a certain kind of energy. When I was thinking about the title, this was one of the first words that came to my mind. I wanted the consonant to sound harder so that it makes an impact,” he explains.

Saif Ali Khan and the team of Kalaakandi go on a trippy trip

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