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Saif Ali Khan is one of the best dressed celebrities: Girsh and Rakesh Daryani

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Who, in your opinion, are the most well-dressed celebrities today? What do you like about their style?

It’s a tough one. We think there are many fantastically dressed men, both in Hollywood and Bollywood who carry their clothes with grace and elegance. Bollywood would be Saif Ali Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Saif just does it so effortlessly and can carry an Indian or a western outfit with complete ease. So does Ranbir and with those looks, it must be very easy!

In Hollywood, George Clooney, has a certain class and is always dressed like a true gentlemen in every sense. He looks dapper whenever he steps out but especially in a suit. Also, Ryan Gosling has the looks and does wear suits very fashionably. There are also local celebrities like model Hamid Fadaei, fitness advocate Essa Al Ansari, man about town Mike Hardy and celebrity photographer Wadih El Najjar.


Saif Ali Khan shows us how to rock Kolhapuris

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Listen up, people. If you thought Kolhapuris are long dead or they only go with your Indian wear, you can’t be more wrong. Kolhapuri chappals have long broken the traditional barrier and now serve the role of an aesthetic punctuation to many looks.
Crafted entirely of leather, the Kolhapuri chappals are known for their rich colours, vibrant embellishments and aesthetic styles. They are also known for their comfort levels, especially when worn over a long period of time. It is perhaps, hence, that celebrities have a deep love for Kolhapuris.

Who can be a better benchmark than our stylish Bollywood celebs. Recent images of Saif Ali Khan in Kohlapuris left us in complete awe of the nawab. Frontrunner of this trend, Saif is often spotted wearing Kolhapuri chappals.

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You’ve Done Nothing In Life, If You Haven’t Worn A Kurta Like Saif Ali Khan

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There’s a lot to thank Nawab Pataudi AKA Saif Ali Khan for. He’s raised our hopes of finding a gorgeous (read: hot) wife in life, is maintaining a killer #Dad physique (better than most 20 year olds) and well…even dressing better than most of us goats. Basically, we’re avowed devotees of the royal prince. That said, there’s another non-negotiable truth about why we’re in awe of the man—by far, he’s also the man with the most well-fitted gear. Case in point: his recent Diwali shindig with awards-shy Aamir Khan. Entering the handlebar actor’s Diwali party with Mrs. Kapoor, Saif gave us a fit-perfect outing yesterday. Featuring an outfit that was a complete bust for men with dropped crotch trousers (maybe a bit too low), choking sleeves and apparel that’s one size too small.

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Magazine Scan: Fashion Fundas from Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan won’t dress for the paps, here’s why

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While most actors have stylists who pick out clothes for them to wear every time they step out of their homes, the Nawab finds that silly

Self-appointed fashion police have been targeting Saif Ali Khan for his gym looks and airport looks. While most actors have stylists who pick out clothes for them to wear every time they step out of their homes, the Nawab finds that silly. He refuses to jump onto the bandwagon. He doesn’t mind repeating the same outfit. The actor says, “I don’t like dressing for the gym in a gym look, or catch flights in an airport look. I want to be normal and not a fashion victim. I do also have the best suits and clothes in the world in my wardrobe and can be well-dressed, but I will not always be so. I do not want to be pressured or slotted as some kind of chap that I am not and I will not ever dress for the paparazzi.” We applaud that.

Magazine scan: Saif Ali Khan in a Sherwani

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Get the look: Saif Ali Khan

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There’s no doubt that Saif Ali Khan is one of the most well turned out guys in India. When men struggle to wear a tux with, Saif can pull off a while three-piece suit like a don – evident at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last year where he won the Most Stylish award.

Most actors borrow style from their reel life roles. Not Saif. He plays it the other way around and nails it. In Rangoon, which releases this Friday, the blue-blooded Nawab takes his classic charm to character Rustom Billimoria, a film producer in the Burma of World War II. With a devilish pencil moustache and his hair slicked back, Saif, who was inspired by his grandfather Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi’s style, looks every inch the movie Mafioso of a refined era.

In the movie, you’ll find him in a sharp pinstriped double-breasted jacket with a freshly plucked rose in his buttonhole. He’s always wearing a pocket square or cravat. His jacket-over-Jodhpurs look with riding boots are a portrait of a young Iftikhar. Even a pocket watch that his grandfather carried and was passed down to Saif, makes it to a scene.

Saif’s outfits are on point with a generation of men who made an effort to present themselves well, regardless of whether they were born wealthy. They dressed up for work – whatever their profession. And even though they didn’t have access to an army of stylists, wearing a glistening tie bar on a jacquard cravat or a meticulously tailored suit was de riguer.

Luckily for you, with a little effort, you can look just as elegant. Start by building a wardrobe of classic pieces – a crisp white shirt, a pair of Jodhpurs, trousers and a few polo shirts. Note here that when you buy, fit and quality is off utmost importance. Then add a few neutral-coloured pocket squares, printed cravats and solid ties to your accessories drawer. Top it off with riding boots and an heirloom piece, if you can. Truth is that you don’t need to own a lot to look this good. Let Saif show you how it’s done.